Always Have Your Camera With You

This is a statement you may hear many photographers use and to be honest it is something I try to keep to. I will always try to keep my camera in the car on journey's just in case you see something you have to try and capture (its also fairly useful if you turn up somewhere early and need something to do).

This post advocates both, I recently had a planned BBQ at Sandbanks beach in Poole but I got the time wrong (oops) and had an hour to kill. Therefore I decided to take a walk with the camera to see if I could spot anything worth capturing.

As I walked along I noticed the clouds part ways and the sun shone it's rays between them over the harbor. This was something I didn't want to miss, I spotted a lonesome boat fairly close and decided to use that as my foreground interest with the stunning sky in the background.

For a completely unplanned shot I have ended up with one of my favourite images that I have captured this year.