Bournemouth Band Photography

bournemouth band photography

Recently I have been lucky enough to follow the new Bournemouth band Sixteen String Jack to capture their first few gigs. This opportunity has let me combine two of my favourite things 'live music' and 'photography.

Part of the reason I love band photography is that you can capture the 'moment' (whatever that means) you can capture the atmosphere from the crowd, the passion from the band or try capturing some artistic shots. Although it isn't that easy....

Gig Photography Challenges

Capturing a band can be a challenging experience, especially in smaller venues without any lighting setup. A gig is almost always dark which makes getting a correct exposure difficult.

You have to try and balance your aperture and shutter speed whilst maintaining a reasonable ISO level. To wide an aperture will allow more light in but can also provide issues with getting enough detail.

Shutter speed also effects the amount of light, so the lower you go the more light you allow in but with the fast passed world of music events the photo could become blurred.

This then leaves your ISO the higher the setting the more sensitive your sensor is to light but too high your image could become to noisy and unusable.