Never Leave Early

So we've had some fantastic sunsets down here in Dorset this week with some stunning red sky's. I also learnt that these spectacular moments happen around 5 to 10 minutes after the sun has set...

On Monday I went out on a new sunset image over at Upton Heath, this was a spectacular failure! I ruined my new shoes walking through marshy ground and the sunset was not what I had hoped. Therefore I went home for dinner but once I got home I looked up and the sky had the most spectacular red clouds. Damn!

So I decided to give it another go the next evening after work, this time the location was Kimmeridge. I had planned my shot in my head all day, I would go out on 'the ledge' in Kimmeridge bay and look South West hoping for a great shot. Unfortunately for me I wasn't the only one with this plan and there were 4 other photographers already there.

I then decided to walk to the far right of the bay to try and capture something else, potentially with Clavell Tower in the background. Once I got to a good composition I heard a siren and a man on a megaphone telling me to 'leave now' so off I went back to my original idea.

I could see the sky was turning red in the way I wanted and luckily one of the other photographers had cleared off meaning I could try an alternative version of my original idea which is the image above. Let me know what you think?