Photobook of 2016 - Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out the services of Saal Digital in exchange of a review, this was ideal as I was looking for a supplier of photo books to display my images. I decided to produce an album to showcase my favourite images from 2016.

Designing the Book

The process began with having to download the software from the Saal website which was fairly easy todo. This then allowed you to select the product you wanted and then either select a template or start from scratch.

The software enabled you to select images from your computer without having to upload them first which saved time and meant I could create the design without needing the internet.

It was fairly straightforward to use an allowed you to change images and add text in a simple manner.


The Book Itself

I decided on an a4 landscape book with matte finish pages and a leatherette cover. There was an option for padding to be applied to the cover which I didn’t select but in hindsight I would select next time.

The matte pages provide a lovely finish although I was hoping for a more cotton textured look which could be a great feature for Saal to add in the future..

The flat layout is fantastic and allows you to have images overlapping pages without much of a crease in the middle, it also allows whomever is viewing it to lay it flat on a table without the pages lifting up.

Saal as a Supplier

First things first, Saal provide a high quality product but due to this you will need to pay more than standard consumer providers. I feel Saal is best suited to professionals wanting to showcase their portfolio or provide their clients with a quality album.

I was impressed with how quickly the book was delivered from order to my doorstep was 7 days. I would recommend using Saal and will definitely consider using them again in the future.

Feel free to check them out here