The Art Of Dog Photography

dog photography bournemouth

I have recently been commissioned to photograph images of customers pets, usually of the canine variety. Taking photographs of dogs can be fun but also challenging, what do they say? ...don't work with kids or animals!

I'm always up for a challenge and enjoy trying to capture the personality of pets (especially dogs) be it a lively inquisitive puppy or an old reliable dog there's so much fun you can have not only trying to capture a good image but also bring out the personality that the owner sees.

My last subject was Claude a wirey looking thing that lived near Wimborne in Dorset. My dog photography skills were tested to start with as he was more interested in what I was doing than posing for a photograph. We then decided to try and get some action shots so took Claude and his friends for a walk, here I was able to capture more of the playful fun side of him.

If you are interested in having a photograph of your dog or cat please feel free to contact me.