The Night Skies in Dorset - Magazine Feature

astronomy in dorset

I was recently invited to contribute to January's edition of the Dorset Magazine where Radina Ivanova ( who is a keen amateur Astronomer and Physicist was developing a feature on the night skies over Dorset in winter.

I was accompanied by two others, firstly Bob Mizon ( a Dorset based astronomer from Wessex Astronomical Society who is known for his broad knowledge of the night skies as well as his campaigning against light pollution in the UK.

Secondly, was local artist Kathryn Thomas ( who draws inspiration from array of different light that the night sky produces and has a great collection of space inspired art because of it.

I was asked to provide my personal experiences as an Astrophotographer in Dorset including why I got into this genre of photography in the first place.

I was asked to share some of the technical difficulties with the lack of light but also how to deal with the ever increasing light pollution which led to an interesting conversation with Bob on how we can stop this.

astronomy in dorset

My highlight of our meeting together was sharing my images and the stories behind them and hearing how others perceived my work, I'm afraid I can go on for days about my hobby so need to be careful not to carry on too much.

I would like to thank both Radina and Dorset Magazine for including me in this feature and am very proud to have some of my images included withing the feature.