Landscape | Seascape | Astrophotography

Landscape Photography from Dorset

My name is Sam King and I am a landscape photographer based on the south coast of the UK in Dorset. Digital Reef is my personal portfolio which I have created to showcase my latest collections of Dorset landscape photography and seascape photography. The majority of my images are captured around the South Coast of England from Bournemouth to the Jurassic Coast and all are available to buy as prints or on canvas.

Dorset Coastline

I have carefully hand picked my favourite images from the huge collection I have created over the years.

Dorset has miles of fantastic coastline which I have travelled all over to capture many different shots.

Dorset Landscape

The Dorset countryside is a beautiful place to visit but  it is viewed best at sunrise and sunset which isn’t easy for some people.

My images capture these fantastic early and late moments providing me the ability to share them with everyone.


Astrophotography is a particular favourite of mine, capturing the millions of stars in space can be incredibly rewarding.

If you share my passion for our universe then take a look at my collection of space and star images.